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Sauerland web design agency

We are a team of strategists, developers and designers specialised in online marketing.  

Full-service agency for the digital future.

Turning companies into brands doesn't stop with us after the conception. We develop everything from corporate design to websites or apps and manage your project with the best marketing conscience.

Webdesign Sauerland - Conception of websites

A clear concept for the structure of your website is crucial. If your visitors can see at first glance that they will find what they are looking for on your site, they will stay on your site. Your concept also plays an important role in search engine optimisation: the clearer you make your headings and paragraphs, for example - these should also be keyword-optimised - the easier it is for search engines like Google to sort your article into the search results in a meaningful way. It is also important that the concept is tailored to your target group and that you offer them maximum added value on your site. The prerequisite is that your website is technically up-to-date, performant and visually appealing. If your website fulfils these basic requirements, highly optimised articles and advertising measures will quickly put you on the first page of Google for some of your most important search terms!

Webdesign Sauerland - Design of professional websites

A corporate design from a single source can greatly help you to build up and establish a brand presence. Within the framework of a corporate design, we unify the colour and design of your company's appearance. In this context, we offer everything from professional websites and logos to print media such as business cards, flyers, exhibition stands, etc. Our designs are always individual. Our designs are always individual and perfectly tailored to your target group. We make sure that offers and services are visible at first sight. Our strategy is to convert as many visitors as possible into customers. We also attach great importance to ensuring that all content is also optimally displayed on smartphones and tablets. We work with various content management systems, first and foremost WordPress, and also show you how to add new content on your own. All our measures have been improved and refined over a period of more than a decade; we only offer measures that have been proven to work.

Webdesign Sauerland - Optimised for mobile devices

Did you know that for some time now, more than 50% of all website visitors are on mobile devices? An interactive, responsive design that is optimised for tablets and smartphones must therefore always be part of a professional website these days. Responsive design means that your website automatically adapts to the different screen sizes. Responsiveness is also one of the factors that Google uses to assess whether your website should be displayed high up in the search results or not.

Marketing - More reach through appropriate strategies

A professional homepage is a very important step towards generating more customers on the Internet. However, creating a website alone is unfortunately not enough, because first of all no one, not even the search engine, knows how good you really are and whether you are worth being displayed high up in the search results. This is why search engine optimisation (SEO) exists. Search engine optimisation is about keeping your website up to date and expanding it, both in terms of content and technology. The more content you have on your website that is relevant to your target audience, the more visitors you will receive over time. SEO is a long-term process. If you want to speed up the process, there is the possibility to advertise on different portals. Besides Google Ads, it is also worth considering social media marketing in this context.

Logo design - creation of your company logo

A unique logo with recognition value makes you stand out from the crowd of your competitors. The more precisely you can describe to us what makes your company special and what is particularly important in your industry, as well as what your personal ideas are for your new logo design, the better the result will be in the end. Our professional logo designers always carry out a market analysis prior to logo creation in order to expand their knowledge about your specific case. Once this information gathering is complete, we know exactly what we need to do to get your business to the top!

Search engine optimisation - SEO for your website

Google is the search engine of all. With approximately 80% of all search queries worldwide, Google is by far the most important search engine for which you should optimise your website. There are many things to consider when optimising your Google search engine. First, we conduct an extensive keyword research. In doing so, we find out which terms potential visitors are searching for in the context of your topic. We also analyse your direct competitors to get a better overview of what counts in your industry. We then optimise all the content of your website with regard to these keywords. Our copywriters write professional articles in the context of your main topic. This will draw more attention to your website. Using various tools, we can measure important marketing indicators in a comprehensible way. These include visitor numbers, dwell time and many other values. This allows us to see exactly which of your subpages have had particularly many visitors and, based on this data, we can further optimise all other pages. Adapted to your individual needs, we work with a mix of different measures that is tailored to you.

APPs and Portals - Individual Software Development

Our developers can not only design websites for you - we are also happy to offer individual software solutions. Thus, we also regularly develop portals that enter new market niches. Our experienced programmers develop customised and stable software solutions. These are thoroughly tested before delivery to ensure that everything runs smoothly for you. We have many years of programming experience in Python, Java, Php, JavaScript, CSS3 and HTML5.

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