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We are a team of experienced web designers and developers who provide modern web design for more visibility and a great impression of your business. We participate in the SEO Contest Conversion magic part.

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Our team: web designers with experience

Our agency's team may be small, but it's agile. As web designers, strategists and developers, who all always prove their skills on a variety of projects, we are able to implement all types of web projects, whether it's a one-pager, a corporate website or a portal.

In our opinion, good web design is only possible if everyone is motivated and enjoys their work. That's why values and a good corporate climate are very important to us. We stand for sensible, well thought-out work and results that can be measured objectively.
Web design service

Modern web design services

Modern web design is unique. We always tailor a website to the individual target audience and industry. An in-depth analysis lets us identify possibilities and opportunities that can easily be overlooked as early as the conception stage.

We cann offer you these web design services:
Online shop

WordPress web design - websites with CMS

Websites created with WordPress are justifiably popular, as WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that makes website management and maintenance much easier. Due to the large number of users and the many extensions that exist for WordPress, Wordpress web design is very versatile and offers great freedom while maintaining performance and security.

Online Shop Web Design - SEO & CRO | E-Commerce Solutions

We offer you a professional web design for online shops. For an online shop to perform well, it must be effective on several levels. A clear structure and an appealing design ensure that visitors feel comfortable with your website and find their way around immediately. Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures that more users find the shop online. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) on the website leads to more visitors becoming customers.

Responsive web design - Optimised for mobile devices

Responsive web design, where the website's content and elements automatically adapt to different screen sizes, is very important as more than 50% of all visitors access websites from mobile devices. In order to get a higher Google ranking, a fully functional and flawless mobile version of the website is crucial.

Interactive web design - Interactive content

Media such as images and videos are augmented with interactive content in an interactive web design. This increases user metrics such as time spent on the website and the rate at which visitors interact with the website. This is good for both CRO and SEO.

Sustainable web design - Fast loading times

Content compression, caching and the efficient use of modern technology ensure that a website loads quickly. Fast loading times and a small overall size of individual URLs ensure that bounce rates are lower. It is essential that a website loads quickly, as visitors are often impatient and they usually quickly find an alternative when pages on the internet are slow.

Accessible web design - focus on usability

Accessible web design has many aspects. Besides a sufficient contrast of the text's colors to the background, "alt" designations of images, and graphics which are read out to visually impaired people, there are many ways to make websites accessible.

The process of a web design project

The process of a web design project slightly differs from project to project. Below is the rough path and the different stages that are part of our web design projects:

1. Brainstorming

When you call us, we first settle some essential things:

What do you want to achieve with your website? Is it about generating more customers for products you sell? Do you want your services to be better found locally or nationally? Or should the website be a pure "business card" that can be accessed online at any time? Are there technical problems with an existing website that need to be solved?

Together, we will develop the most suitable measures for you to achieve your goal efficiently, safely, and quickly.

2. Conception & Planning

Now that we know exactly what you have in mind, we'll develop a concept and plan all the steps necessary for you to achieve your goal. For most projects we begin with a keyword and a competition analysis before we even start with the web design of a new website.

This allows us to determine which keywords are frequently searched for and where the competition is relatively low. Based on the most interesting keywords that best suit you, we start structuring the website.

Keyword research is very important in planning, as it helps us to find out which terms should be the focus of your website, this way your website can be found by as many people from your target audience as possible.

3. Execution

If you agree with the structure and the choice of terms ,we start the execution of the plan. Due to our many years of experience and our clearly structured timelines, we can always give our clients a clear time frame in which we will complete the website.

As a sustainable agency, the most important thing to us is the satisfaction of our clients. We are always looking forward to a long-term cooperation! Since this is only possible with trusting relationships, you can count on us to always put your wishes and ideas first - whether it's improving your online presence or advising you on any questions you may have.

4. Maintenance

The demands that search engines and visitors have on websites grow from month to month and year to year. If you want to be one step ahead of your competitors, it is necessary to keep the content and the technical basis of your website up to date.

We are happy to provide you long-term support for technical maintenance and our online marketing services. By adding new elements and texts to the website, we can increase your lead. This is how we succeed in ensuring that company websites can rank for increasingly better and therefore more interesting keywords.
Digital Marketing

Online marketing: an essential part of effective web design

We, as an agency, are aware that online marketing plays an essential role in effective web design. It is all the more painful for us when we hear from clients that their website is beautiful but is neither easily found nor achieves a noticeable marketing effect. To ensure that the creation of a high-quality web design pays off, we offer the following services when designing websites:
Social media


In good marketing, building a brand should usually be one of the fundamental goals. In addition to search engine visibility, people often hear about particularly good service providers or products from their friends.

In order to establish yourself as a brand and be recommended to others, the quality of your services and products should be high and competitive. If this is the case, we can help you build your own brand by increasing visibility and various online and offline marketing measures.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The big question you should always ask yourself at the beginning of marketing is: Where and how does my target audience search for my products and services? In many cases, the answer is: for the most part on Google.

This is why search engine optimization is so important, along with the appearance and an optimized layout. In order to have more success with the website and to be ranked better by the search engines, it is necessary to satisfy not only the website's visitors but also the search engines' algorithm.

To do this, we build targeted informative articles around the keywords that are most important to you in order to strengthen our visible authority and expertise as a brand, both to Google and to visitors.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) - Targeted advertisements

In order to achieve success as quickly as possible, you can commission us to place targeted ads for you, which we continuously improve. Our focus is on keeping the cost for the advertising as low as possible while addressing your target audience as precisely as possible and becoming visible to them.

Among the various marketing measures available to attract customers, SEA and SEO are the most effective. In the long run, SEO is more efficient because once built and optimized, articles can rank for important keywords for a long time, if well maintained.

Social media campaigns

If it is a very visual industry where images and videos make up a large portion of the content that the target audience consumes, social media campaigns can be a very effective tool to generate more visibility.

As an agency, we can look back on many successful social media projects. The agency owner has already succeeded in building a Facebook page with more than 2 million followers. Based on our experience, you can be sure that we will use your resources efficiently in those areas where we see the greatest leverage for your economic success.

Your advantages with the web design agency f5design

Individual web design solutions

No web design project is like the other. Our web designers always develop individual solutions that are perfectly tailored to your goals, your branch, and your target audience.

Design optimized for the target audience & the branch

Every designer is aware that design is appealing when you meet the expectations of the viewer and, at best, even exceed them. We, as an agency, have made this our benchmark: we want to exceed expectations!

Search engine optimization is integrated from the beginning

Of course, you can simply have us design a beautiful and responsive website for you. For sustainable success, we make sure that the structure is SEO-optimized right from the start, even for small websites.

If you want to rank for competitive keywords, a long-term SEO support is usually necessary. With our expertise in web design, we will do everything necessary to make your project a success!

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