The Perfect Corporate Design 2022 - The Comprehensive Guide

Nicolà von Goetze, 30 November 2021
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In times of increasingly fierce competition, a high-quality corporate design can give you a decisive advantage over your competitors. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to position yourself as a clearly defined brand on the market in the long term.

What exactly is corporate design anyway?

The term corporate design (CD) describes the appearance of all aspects of your company. It is the visual part of your corporate identity.

A uniform CD is crucial for the recognition value of your brand and also reinforces the professional impression you leave behind. Coupled with a high-quality service or a unique product, it lays the foundation for your entrepreneurial success. In addition, with a good corporate design you clearly stand out from your competitors and stand out from the crowd.

These aspects of your business concern your corporate design:

  • Logo
  • Website
  • Business papers
  • Bills
  • Advertising material
  • Flyer
  • Products
  • Packaging
  • Vehicle design
  • Exhibition stands

Development of an optimised corporate design

In order to develop a good design for your company, you should first ask yourself the following question:

What is the core of the industry in which your company operates?

What do your competitors look like?

And what kind of appearance does your target group expect?

It should be obvious to everyone that one expects a different appearance from a lawyer than from a kindergarten. Many aspects - especially design aspects - are perceived more subconsciously than consciously by visitors to a website. You can take advantage of this to emphasise certain characteristics of your company. If you sell luxury watches, for example, you probably want to appear classy in order to give the corresponding clientele the impression that they are in the right place with you. If, on the other hand, you want to advertise a fitness studio, contrasting colours such as red and black are good; they convey strength and stability.

But what are the aspects that make up a good corporate design in general?

Colour schemes for companies

A colour scheme is a palette of colours that go well together and are in certain relationships to each other. Two popular examples are a monochromatic colour scheme, in which mainly different shades of the same colour are used, and a complementary colour scheme, in which the colours contrast with each other.

The colour scheme is an essential part of your corporate design. As already described with the example of the fitness studio, it is possible to address certain subconscious emotions with a colour scheme.

For this reason, you should ask yourself the question: What are the emotions you want to evoke, for example, when looking at your website?

For this, it is important to analyse the industry at its core. Do you want to appear elegant and classy, intellectual, down-to-earth or neutral and clear?

In this context, it often makes sense to take a look at the other successful companies in your sector. How do they present themselves? How do they present themselves, have they adapted to their target group - which is also your target group?

From this, you can read the basic emotions that will convince your target group.

Suitable fonts for your corporate design

Next to the colours, the fonts are the second piece of the puzzle of your corporate design. A basic distinction is made between serif and sans-serif fonts. Serif fonts have small horizontal strokes at the top and bottom of each letter, which make it easier for the reader to read. The oldest serifs were found in Greece and serif fonts were also very popular in ancient Rome; examples of these fonts can still be seen on preserved temples today.

Because of their long history, serif typefaces are associated with time-honoured, complex, but also elegant products and reliable partners.

Sans-serif fonts, on the other hand, appear modern and clear.

To bring some variety into the appearance, there are also several options for fonts. On the one hand, you can create contrasts through the thickness of the font. But you can also use different colours, font sizes and so-called "font pairings". The term font pairing describes the use of two fonts that go well together, usually one is used for headlines and the other for body text.

Uniform appearance for your company

With all the possibilities offered by the combinations of colours and fonts, it can easily happen that you use too many different design elements in your corporate design. However, this is not advisable, because recognition value comes primarily from a clear concept.

As a rule of thumb, the use of more than 3 fonts and main colours (without accent colours) is usually not recommended.


By analysing your target group and your competitors, you can get a good idea of what emotions you need to arouse in your specific case in order to have even greater success with your company's presentation.

It is very helpful if your professionalism is already expressed in your corporate design, because this is decisive for the first impression.

Although previous studies on the question of how long it takes to form an initial opinion about something have produced somewhat different results (see:, one commonality is nevertheless clearly discernible: it takes only seconds, if not fractions of a second, to form this opinion.

According to another study, the share of design in this first impression is 94% ( see

Due to the many possibilities offered by the internet, the inhibition threshold to go directly to the next search entry is also very low if the current one does not appeal to you.

These facts show that a good corporate design is of central importance for the success of your website.

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