At a time when the average attention span of a user on social media is 1.7 seconds, far behind the concentration capacity of a goldfish at 9 seconds, it is clear that any information must be as short and crisp as possible.

Sketchnotes are a tool for preparing information visually and conveying it quickly and forcefully. The playful way of conveying knowledge ensures that content is absorbed more easily and remembered for longer. But what are sketchnotes?

'Sketchnote' refers to a note that combines words and pictures in a structured way.

Sketchnotes are an effective tool for conveying the content of texts, lectures or discussions in a quick, easy-to-understand and sustainable way. Sketchnotes are also referred to as 'visual notes'. Graphic' or 'Digital Recording' refers to the synchronous conversion of a lecture, a discussion or a workshop into sketchnotes. This is, so to speak, a live recording of an event.

Presenting content in the form of sketchnotes has numerous advantages! The combination of text and image is processed by the brain faster than a spoken word. Thus, content can be remembered longer and leave a lasting impression. Sketchnotes definitely stick! In addition, sketchnotes are characterised by the fact that they can present things simultaneously, show connections and make links. Structures and processes are clarified and ideas, concepts and wishes are visualised. Sketchnotes make the invisible visible!

Sketchnotes are for everyone! For companies, sketchnotes are excellent for visualising concepts, making ideas visible, introducing customers to topics, facilitating presentations and making content quickly accessible. Sketchnotes are also gaining popularity at lectures, seminars and workshops.
In private, sketchnotes are a welcome eye-catcher on invitation cards, as gifts and with recipes. Especially the visualisation of CVs, ideas, personal dreams, goals and wishes are unique gifts that make the virtual tangible.

As a communication designer and illustrator, I, Liv Kantak, am a big fan of sketchnotes! Sketchnotes make it possible to convey knowledge in an easy-to-read way and provide both the developers and the recipients with a lot of joy and attention! You can find a selection of sketchnotes and how they were created on my Website.

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