Integrate Google Maps


The use of the Google Maps Generator is completely free of charge
The Google Maps code may be included on any website, Private and commercial
The code must not be changed
The following apply Terms of use from Google Inc.

Google Maps Generator - added value for your website

You are probably aware that Google Maps is one of the most used tools on the Internet. In addition to classic route planning, it also displays individual suggestions for interests, places of interest and shopping opportunities. Businesses benefit by being able to position themselves optimally. On your website you can Integrate Google Mapsfor example, to make your location more accessible, or simply to make To create trust

Google Maps Wordpress

The Google Maps Generator also works with Wordpress. Log in to the backend and insert the maps code in the editor at the location of your choice. Alternatively there is also a Wordpress Google Maps Plugin.

Embed Google Maps in Joomla

The amount editor can be switched between text and HTML mode. At HTML mode simply paste the code and save the post. Note: Under Components > JCE Editor > Profiles, Allow IFrames must be activated.

Google Maps Generator vs. Plugin

Websites that do without plug-ins usually run better. In addition, you don't have to go to the trouble of finding a plug-in that achieves the desired effect when the direct code is available here.

Embed HTML Google Maps - What does that mean?

Html is the text format that websites are made of. Therefore, our generator provides you with the code for Google Maps as HTML. Thus, the Google Maps integration should work directly.

Embed Google Maps in website - Really free of charge?

Yes, we provide our tool for map integration to 100% free of charge :-) 

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