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Katleen Hinz, 8 November 2022
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If you want to have a lot of traffic and returning users on your website, you have to make the user experience (UX) as good as possible. After all, the user on the internet, and ideally the potential customer, is the one for whom you are creating your website. The better the UX, the higher your site will rank in Google.

If your website is not appealing or complicated to use, users will not click on your site again and will not stay long. In general, it is very important that your website is as pleasant and easy to use as possible for the customer. There are several tools, such as interactive web design, that can help in this regard.

But what is a web design with interactive content, how can it look like and what do you have to pay attention to? We will answer these questions in the following article and then tell you the advantages of a web design that is interactive.

What is interactive web design?

An interactive web design makes users stay longer on a page and interact with it by offering them interactive content. This includes 3D visualisations, surveys or animations. A comment field is also part of interactive web design.

How can a website be made interactive?

A website can be made interactive by using various methods of interaction in the design of the page. These include, for example, surveys and animations. The most important thing when creating a website is that it is appealing to the user.

Below you will find a list of some examples and ideas on how to make your web design interactive.


The so-called "storytelling in web design" is there to attract the attention of users and, as the name suggests, to tell them a story. 

The aim of storytelling in web design is to introduce oneself as a company and to present one's own products or services with the help of an exciting method. In this way, the story is more likely to be remembered by customers and the company stands out from the competition.
Storytelling is a way to present complex content in an interesting and simple way. Here, the content is not necessarily text-based, but rather relies on graphics, animations or interactive elements.

Surveys & Quizzes

Surveys and quizzes are a great way to engage users in the content. Moreover, well-designed surveys and quizzes are fun, so visitors stay longer on the website. 

The evaluation of these surveys is not only useful for the user, but also for the owner of the website. By asking specific questions, visitors can find out which product is the right one for him or her. In this way, the needs and preferences of the users can be determined and where the optimally matched product can be found on the website.

Maps, diagrams, graphics

Interactively constructed maps, charts and graphs are great tools for your web design because they give users the chance to engage with the information and products in a fun way. 

One idea would also be to display the results of the surveys just mentioned in the form of a diagram or graph. This way, users can see their result on the one hand, but also the result of others - anonymised, of course.

Animation triggered by scrolling

Animations triggered by scrolling down are very popular in web design these days. At this point there are many different possibilities how these animations could look like.

This can be, for example, animations in the background that change as you scroll. But it can also be used as a page transition, where each page then has a different design. This way of separating topics provides a certain structure among the individual contents.

Scrolling can also be done from right to left, which is similar to swiping on a smartphone. This then looks like a carousel that you click through. Instead of overloading the page with all content at once, these carousels divide the individual topics into sections. This allows users to read the topics piece by piece.

Virtual journey

Sending the user on a virtual journey within the web pages is an excellent way to get the user's attention. This could be a journey through time, for example. 

Of course, the best thing to do here is to tell the story of the company, the agency or the service.

3D visualisation

3D visualisations are optimal tools for the web design of an estate agent, property owner or even a car dealership. With the help of 3D visualisations, potential buyers can take a virtual tour of the property or car before viewing it and gain a first impression.

Search function

The simple search function is also something that makes websites interactive and should not be missing from any web design. In the search field, users can enter exactly what they are looking for and use the filters provided to determine what is displayed exclusively to them.


Slideshows with text or images are a wonderful way to present your company, your team and your services or products.

Customers can get to know you better and get a better visualisation of what you have to offer through pictures. Especially for an online shop, it is important to photograph the products as authentically and appealingly as possible.

Comments, ask questions

Comment or question boxes on websites are a great way to get feedback from users. Since you created your website and services for customers, making them happy also comes first.

If this is not the case, it is up to you to change this by taking their feedback to heart. Users who are listened to on the internet are more likely to trust you and your business.

Home Page Menu

You can also optimise your web design with the start page menu. The entire menu bar does not always have to be constantly displayed on websites. Nevertheless, the menu must be recognisable at all times by at least one small symbol. One click on this symbol and the entire menu is displayed on the screen.

This provides a better overview of the topics and serves as a better orientation for the user.


Even the smallest interactions in web design attract the user's attention. Moving the cursor over something, for example, which then moves or gives more information about certain things. Also pulling down to reload the page, clicking on surveys and adding items to the shopping cart. These are all examples of microinteractions in web design.

The aim of these microinteractions is to show users that they have successfully made a change to the page. Of course, this should not be exaggerated and the interactions should be kept simple and small.

The advantages of interactive web design

An interactive web design has a number of advantages that benefit you as the website owner, but also the users of your website.

  1. Profit increase 

A web design that is interactive is profitable. With the help of the interactions in which the users are involved, the traffic on the corresponding web pages increases. As a result, this page is ranked higher on Google. More visitors and a higher ranking mean more sales. Such a web design is therefore good marketing - the so-called search engine marketing.

  1. Communication between visitor and operator

Especially through surveys, quizzes, ratings and comments by the users, there is constant contact between visitors and the operator of the site. With the help of a contact form or a live chat on the homepage, users can get in direct contact with the company or agency. 

  1. Higher attention

By "playfully" preparing content through an optimised web design, the user's attention and also the interest to learn more is aroused. 

  1. Users spend more time

Users are more likely to stay longer on websites with interactive web design than on a less interactive one. This increases the likelihood that they will benefit from your services.

  1. Better impression with users 

Websites where users can interact with the site are more likely to be remembered and provide a high recognition effect.

  1. Contents are better communicated

Especially with complex topics with a high information content, it is important to pick up the customer and bring it to him in the simplest way possible. Interactive content in web design, such as animations or images, is very helpful here.

Why is interactive web design becoming more and more popular?

A web design with interactive elements is becoming increasingly popular, especially in the field of marketing. As already mentioned, these elements ensure that users prefer to stay on your site and stay longer. It is fun for them to interact with your site and the likelihood that they will click on it again and benefit from your services increases enormously.

More on the topic of web design

What to look for in an interactive homepage

The first step in creating websites should always be the Search engine optimisation The search engine in this case is Google. This means that you should design your website so that Google likes it. If Google "likes" a page, it will be ranked high. 

As a user, it is obvious to always click on the first suggested articles in a search query. This is exactly why Google ranking is the most important source of traffic for websites. 

For this to happen, you must certain measures take measures so that the Google Algorithm your website. If you optimise your website to a certain standard, this leads to higher Google rankings and automatically to more potential customers visiting your website. This is part of online marketing.

These measures that Google wants to see include, for example, optimised content that is both grammatically and content-wise correct, the loading times of your page, the use of backlinks and, of course, the user experience already mentioned.

If you have a web design that is also interactive and involves the user, this will create a better user experience. The user must remain expectant and not lose interest.

Also make sure that your web design Playable on any device is. Whether on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer - the web design must work flawlessly and look good.

Last but not least, it is very important that the Web design of your homepageyour company, your agency or your service adapted is. Think about the target group of your homepage and design it accordingly.

Conclusion on interactive design on the internet

A web design that is interactive and engages the user provides an excellent user experience and makes your site rank high on Google.

In any case, you should make sure that you don't overdo it with the web design! Never include too much animated or moving content. This will ensure that users are confused or overwhelmed. In addition, too many animations in the web design distract from the actual content and users leave the page more quickly.

Remember, when users visit websites, they are looking for information and answers, but they are also looking for interaction and design. Users want to experience your site and enjoy staying on it. However, this only happens if your web design is built accordingly. 

So make an effort when creating your homepage and ensure an interactive web design that pleases your customers. Because more customers means more traffic and more traffic means a higher Google ranking. A higher Google ranking means more sales - with the optimal web design to the perfect marketing strategy.

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