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Online marketing consulting is a strategy to significantly increase visibility and reputation through search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine advertising (SEA) and to increase traffic and purchases. 
We take a holistic approach with our interdisciplinary team.

What does an online marketing consultant do?

An online marketing consultant develops a holistic marketing concept for companies. All publicly effective online signs are analysed and checked for their usefulness in terms of marketing. In doing so, the situation in the respective industry segment is not disregarded by the consultant and competitor research is strongly included.

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For whom does online marketing consulting really make sense?

online marketing consulting

An online marketing consultation results above all in Makes sense for companies that are still in a position to acquire further orders or who want to keep their order books full in the longer term and in a plannable way. Furthermore, there are opportunities, more likely to attract the clientele that matches their own desire and specific goods and Services more targeted to apply.

We analyse the measures that promise the most success in the long term for the respective business concept and submit proposals and a strategy to take suitable measures at the right time so that Unnecessary investments avoidable remain and the flow of capital can be increased quickly. Search engine optimisation promises great results in the medium and long term and provides the highest ROI (return on investment), especially in comparison to paid advertising, and above all other measures.

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Procedure of the Online Marketing Consulting

In the following we show our 8-point plan how the cooperation with us works. Depending on the scope of the project, we follow different procedures, but there are cornerstones that have proven their worth over the years and which most efficient achievement of the objectives guarantee for our customers.

Being successful with your own website on the Internet means, above all, building your brand on Facebook, Google and other high-reach sites. 
An effective long-term strategy is search engine optimisation. The reach can be significantly increased. Only when sufficient traffic lands on one's own page do the finer points, such as conversation rate optimisation (CRO), come into play.


1. overview of current marketing strategy

In an initial meeting, we get an overview of the current measures. It is important for us to work out the services offered and the USPs (unique selling points) of your business. We take your wishes into account in order to move the company's development in the right direction so that your vision remains in focus. 

  • Has the market been analysed for opportunities?
  • What is the primary purpose of the current web presence?
  • Is the current strategy appropriate?
  • Can success be measured and tracked in figures?
  • How much traffic and how many leads are there?
  • Is local, national or international awareness sought?

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We have many tools in order to on the one hand Identify opportunities and on the other hand Record successes achieved. Thus, we can provide comparative values over time as a measure of the success of the marketing measures used and SEO improvements. Without fixed processes, no process ever becomes truly optimisable and scalable.
Only with knowledge of the market as a basis and an understanding of how users shape their search on Google will you reach your goal.
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2. specific target group analysis

What services or goods do I offer and what are my current typical customers? Where is my expertise and are there other target groups? Are there quick measures that can be applied to scale my business?

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3. focus determination and target definition

What are the customer segments I can break into? What is my ideal customer? Are there so-called "low-hanging fruits", i.e. customers that I can win easily but who, on the other hand, do not correspond to my desired clientele in some relationships because, for example, the personnel costs are higher and thus the profit margin is lower? On the basis of these findings, initial measures are defined and recorded, which are then adapted more precisely in the further course of the strategy.


4. potential analysis, competitor research

How strong is my authority before Google? Metrics such as the domain rating (based on the number of external domains linking to my web presence) provide meaningful clues.
Based on the current status, we develop the keyword research and competitor analysis and determine whether there are strong competitors locally or in the wider radius. Are there keywords where I can quickly break into larger customer strata with my current backlink profile?
We have a specially developed software stack to carry out such analyses and access a rich pool of information. The competition is instrumental in determining how much brand building and advertising I need to do, because it sets the bar and determines how much effort needs to be put into my own marketing.

5. content planning and holistic SEO strategy

Google is so popular because it provides us with the most suitable results according to our query. But how does the algorithm decide which result fits the search intention?

5.1 How do search engines like Google work?

How Google Search works - for website owners. Google Search is a fully automated search engine that uses so-called web crawler software. This regularly searches the web to identify pages to be added to our index.

On the one hand, Google has a crawler that regularly scans and maps all websites, and on the other hand, the search engine evaluates the user behaviour and determines from this how suitable the visited pages are for the respective user and whether their needs could be satisfied. Too short a length of stay does not speak in favour of the website operator and reduces the number of users that Google passes on to us through the ranking. We must therefore ensure that the Google crawler classifies us as suitable for our potential customers and that the customers also find our website interesting. The visitor's interest must therefore be held by many elements.

5.2 What mistakes should I avoid with my website?

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More serious design errors such as inconsistency and a poor user experience because styling elements were used for no reason, navigation is difficult for the user and deficiencies in the core webitals, which we include under "technical SEO", i.e. website speed and similar parameters, are often not forgiven by the user and lead to high bounce rates. As a consequence, you quickly lose reach in Google, Bing, etc.
The rule of thumb when building a website "don't let me think!" ("don't let me think"). The more intuitively the user can navigate and find relevant information, the more successful my website will be perceived by Google.

6 What is the Customer Journey?

We refer to the customer journey as the path taken by the prospect from the first time they ever heard of my product, service or company, through to closure and ultimately customer loyalty.

7. implementation of the marketing measures

Strategic use of all the tools we have. (Description based on the sailboat model)
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8. monitoring phase

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Tools and systems for consistent success in online marketing

A lot of things are done intuitively at some point from experience, but it is good to make decisions comprehensible with numbers and statistics. Only when we succeed in building systems do we create progress that can be replicated, everything else is just luck. That's why we rely on tools in our work that visually support us in decision-making and optimisation. In the first moment, what we do is just dealing with data, strings and numbers, only in the second step, it becomes pictures, diagrams and finally successes.

The following software stack is used in online marketing consulting to make our work easier:

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Keyword research with
Ideation, competition with
SEO Moz Tools
Monitoring with
CRO Testing with Ads
Own algorithms
Google Entities with
page optimizer seo marketing
Web-Vitals-Testing with
gtmetrix technical seo tool marketing

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