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Katleen Hinz, updated on 16 September 2022
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If you want to create a website for your company and inspire with a professional web design, we have helpful tips and tricks for you below.

We explain to you what professional web design for companies looks like and what is important in web development. 

What does professional web design for businesses look like?

Excellent content quality

Your content should always be search engine optimised, i.e. aligned with Google's ranking factors. The better your articles are optimised, the higher your ranking will be. A higher ranking automatically means better findability and more traffic on your website. 

Easy to use

Your website and therefore your web design must be clear and structured. Visitors need to find their way around your site and get the information they were looking for. This includes a detailed description of your products or services, the about us page and your contact details.

Unique design

In web development, it is important to stand out from the competition. You have to explain to your potential customers why they should benefit from your company and not from your competitors. Create a unique design that positively stands out!


Less is more is the motto here! Keep your web design simple and avoid colourful designs or inappropriate fonts during web development. 

Web design as brand ambassador

Your web design should represent your business, company or agency and visually reflect what you stand for. Always keep this in mind when designing!

Responsive web design

In today's age, the development of responsive web design is almost essential. Responsive web design means that all content and designs are suitable for both a desktop and mobile technologies and should work flawlessly on all screens.

What is important in professional web design for businesses?

Professional web design for businesses is all about usability. If visitors don't feel comfortable on your website or can't find their way around, they will leave it immediately and not benefit from your products or services.

Furthermore, your web design must be individual and unique. If your website looks like any other or even unprofessional, you will not win the trust of users.

In addition, both your design and your content should be tailored to your main target group. Find out who they are and design your website accordingly.

Apart from the target group, your website must of course also be tailored to your products or services. If you have a website for a serious law firm, colourful or kitschy designs with garish colours have no place there. Tailor your web design individually to your firm and maybe just use the colours that are already in your logo.

Also invest some time in your web design for the "about us" page. Introduce yourself and make sure that it is clear to potential customers at a glance what you do and what products or services you have to offer.

Contacting you or your team must also be kept as simple as possible. Offer visitors an email address, a phone number or a contact form to reach you. These should be easy to find and clearly communicated.

In web development in general, please ensure that your website loads quickly. If pages load slowly, users become impatient and click away again. It also makes your website look amateurish.

Even after your website is published, make sure you keep the web design up to date. Keep creating new content, refreshing feedback from your satisfied customers and updating important information or contact details where necessary.

How can we help you with web design for your business?

We show you how a good web design brings more customers

With a professional web design, the user-friendliness also increases automatically. If visitors feel comfortable on your website, they will spend a longer time on the page and the probability that they will buy your products increases. 

We therefore help you to optimise your web design so that visitors stay longer on your website and interact with it.

We explain how your agency or business can benefit from web design

The higher your Google ranking, the more traffic you generate on your website. More traffic means more customers and more customers means more sales.

We help you make more profit by assisting you with web development and making your web design appealing and unique.


If you would like us to help you with web development and web design for your business, please contact us directly via our website and arrange a no-obligation initial consultation with our team. 

With us you get reliable service, because our web designers deliver a satisfactory result that is individually tailored to you. Web design for businesses, professional and efficient!

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