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Katleen Hinz, 8 November 2022
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As a company, you want to look good to potential customers and preferably attract positive attention. The first step in this process is the company's website. For this reason, it should be perfectly be designed - in other words, be uniform and appealing - and have a recognition value.  

How trustworthy and serious a company is, is often determined by the design of the website. If your site does not arouse the user's interest within a few seconds, he or she will leave it again and you will have lost a potential customer.

To prevent this from happening, there are special agencies that can help you to present your company in the best possible light. They do this by designing your homepage in such a way that it ideally reflects the identity of your company. This is exactly where we come in!
Here we present our web design services and what we can offer you and your company website.

What are our web design services?

Our web design services cover a wide range of tasks such as corporate design and search engine optimisation. To ensure that your website is optimally aligned, we work with various content management systems (CMS) when designing your website.

Here is a brief overview of our services:

  • Corporate Design
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Design of your website
  • Revision of existing websites
  • Maintenance, care and support
  • Social media
  • Responsive web design

Corporate Design

Corporate design is generally about the way in which the company is presented to the customer on the homepage. In order to make a good impression, a number of measures must be taken. 

  • Logo design
    An appealing and unique logo sets your business apart from the competition. With the help of professional logo designers, we create the perfect logo for your business.
  • Typeface
    Font colours and types are particularly important in the design of web pages. They should be consistent and not too confusing. Confusion and overwhelming users lead to them quickly leaving the website again.
  • Colour design
    The use of colours should also be sensible and not too colourful. Just as with the font, an excess of colours results in excessive demands on the part of the user.
  • Texts
    Our texts are written professionally and search engine optimised by our content writers. Extensive research is carried out in advance to ensure that your content ranks highly in Google.
  • Business papers
    The design of business papers such as stationery, flyers or business cards is part of a good representation of a company and we also offer it to you.

Search Engine Optimisation at Google - SEO

It is therefore important to optimise your homepage for search engines so that it is ranked highly by Google. In order for the Google algorithm to detect your page, it is necessary to take certain measures.

It is crucial that you optimise your website according to a certain standard so that this leads to higher Google rankings and automatically to more potential customers. For this reason, search engine optimisation is also a great marketing strategy, because a high ranking means more customers and more customers means more sales for your business.

These measures include, among others, optimised content that is both grammatically and content-wise correct, the analysis and inclusion of relevant keywords, link building and the loading time of your page. 

We take care of your SEO and the implementation and management of marketing strategies.

Design of your website

For a business, it is important to establish and maintain a certain internet presence. That's why the most important thing when setting up professional websites is the right design. We help you to create a clear concept and advise you on the implementation. 

We can also assist you in setting up an online shop and help you to establish your website. 
As we work with CMS, it is also possible for you as the website owner to make small changes yourself, such as replacing an image, as no code is required for this.

For more information, click here: Web design for website

Revision of existing websites

You already have a website, but it doesn't attract enough customers? No problem at all. We help you with the revision and redesign of your homepage. Our team is familiar with all the functions and always up to date with modern trends and SEO. We will help you optimise your site accordingly. 

Maintenance and care

If you would like us to continue to help you after the launch or optimisation of your site, we can of course also offer you maintenance and support for your homepage. We will be happy to assist you in the future and support you with further problems or questions.

Social media

We are also the right contact for marketing through social media. We design and create marketing measures such as ads for Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram or TikTok.

We would also be happy to design a newsletter for you and your company.

Responsive web design

When creating a homepage, responsive web design means that it also works perfectly and without problems on mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

Optimisation for mobile devices is also important because this is also a factor in search engine optimisation and therefore also relevant for Google. Among other things, it ensures that your page appears among the first search results.

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Katleen Hinz
Katleen is a content creator at f5.design. But above all, she is an expert in international communication and media studies. In her free time, she travels and explores the world with a zest for life.

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