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Nicolà von Goetze, 30 November 2021
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A good structure is crucial for the success of your website.

The importance of clearly structured content is made particularly clear by the following statistics:

the number of website visitors accessing it from smartphones was 61% in 2020 - and rising (see also:

According to a Microsoft study (, the average attention span of adults has fallen from 12 seconds in 2000 to only 8.5 seconds in 2015. This is lower than that of a goldfish, which can concentrate on one thing for 9 seconds.

Already in 2014, visitors spent less than 15 seconds on a website (see: Chartbeat study analysing 2 billion users' data;

Optimise the structure of the website for your target group

So it makes sense to show the valued website visitor, our potential customer, what they want to see, simply, quickly and to the point.

Set priorities! To give a clear impression, it is important not to overload your potential clients with too many details. Think about what is most important to you of all the things you could present and focus on that. The clearer the idea you end up with, the greater your brand recognition will be.

Competitor analysis - How do your competitors build their website?

First of all, it makes sense to analyse our competitors, because they have optimised their websites for the same target group.

- What menu items do you have?

- What information do you focus on?

- What does the main page look like, what sections are there?

With the help of this analysis, the following questions can also be answered in the next step:

1. what do these pages have in common? So what MUST your website definitely contain?

2) How do some of these competitors manage to stand out from the crowd?

3) What are your USPs (unique selling points) that none of your competitors can offer, and which you should therefore emphasise?

When asking these questions, one should always keep in mind who among the competition is the most successful, because of course it does not make sense to adopt what those who are hardly successful are doing.

So, in summary, do more of what works; do less of what doesn't work.

Target group analysis - What are your website visitors interested in?

Much can already be seen from the analysis of the competition.

Also part of the customer needs, because what the successful competition puts in the foreground has to deliver added value to their potential customers and thus of course to themselves, otherwise they would emphasise something else.

However, this information can still be supplemented:

1. through information that one has found out oneself in the course of time:

   Which products run best?

   Which actions / information always went down well with your customers?

   What do your clients tell you they particularly appreciate about you and your service?

What do your customers want?

At this point it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive Keyword research to operate.

With this you can find out which terms your potential customers are searching for and for which terms there is a lot of demand but little supply.

These niches are a key to success - if you are able to offer something that many people are looking for, but none of your competitors have jumped on the bandwagon yet, you can gain an advantage that is not easy to catch up with.

5 essential sections you should have on your website

1. at the top of your website there should be a so-called hero section. This is the first thing the visitor sees on your website.

Here, the topic of your website must be summarised in a few words and understandable at first glance. What is the core of the topic and how can I arouse curiosity and interest in website visitors that will make them stay on your website?

Ideally, this hero section should be supplemented with a call-to-action button. This button leads the visitor directly to the place where he finds the information that is most relevant for him. This usually means: this button leads to the best-running products or the most impressive projects you have worked on - preferably recently.

2. directly under the hero section, these most successful products / biggest projects are presented, because they offer the greatest chance of keeping the interest of the potential customer.

3. a contact area should be available and easily accessible from every point on the website so that your new customer, when he decides to use your service, does not have to search for a way to contact you and ends up dropping out even though he actually wanted to become a customer.

4 An "About me" or "Our company" section is also almost always advisable. The information provided there can further build trust, as visitors to the site can enquire about your experience and expertise. A personal touch further builds trust here: for example, if your company is a family business and/or you have supported charitable projects, you should definitely mention this here. This shows that you are not only professionally competent, but that people can rely on you and that you are trustworthy.

5. blog: In order to appear as high as possible in search engines, it is important to offer added value to the visitors of the site. So if you write an article on a subject that might interest your target group, this will lead to more people seeing your page.


In order for your website to rank high despite increasing competition, the following points are crucial in terms of structure:

- Clarity in saying who you are and what you do

- First impression of new visitors: focus on the key features of your products/services and your USPs

- Short and easy paths: the quicker your visitor gets the information they want, the more likely they are to become a customer.

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Nicolà von Goetze
Nicola is originally a professional musician and has built up a considerable understanding of search engine optimisation with his ambition to constantly learn new things. He shares his knowledge with the world in professional articles.

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