WordPress web design - 7 important aspects & tips

Katleen Hinz, 28 November 2022
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WordPress is an increasingly popular content management system (CMS) that allows you to easily create any kind of website.

Constructing a web design for a company that is also search engine optimised is a big challenge without any help. That's why we want to demonstrate in this article how you can make your life easier and use WordPress for your web design.

Why WordPress for web design?

You should create your web design with WordPress, because in our opinion it is the easiest method. With WordPress you can build any kind of website and on top of that it is free. Furthermore, WordPress offers theme templates and plug-ins to extend your web design.

A theme is the appearance of a page that ultimately represents and reflects your company. Theme templates are a ready-made design that helps you to create this look and feel for your website.

Moreover, WordPress allows you to easily manage the content of your site and administer your SEO at the same time. It is also very easy to integrate media such as images or videos into your web design with WordPress.

How do I improve the web design with WordPress?

With the countless themes and plug-ins offered by WordPress, you can optimally improve the web design. With a WordPress theme, you can give your company's website a whole new layout and design. 

Even if you don't yet know which theme your site should have, you can develop your own personal theme for your company using WordPress and integrate it into your web design.

With the help of WordPress plug-ins, you can add certain functions to your site, which you can then use to manage your SEO, link social media accounts or create cookie bars, for example.

Basic information on this topic can be found here: Web design

How do I create a WordPress web design for my business?


The most important thing when creating a WordPress web design for your business is that it is easy to use later and your site is easy to navigate. Don't make your visitors search for the content, but lead them to it. Make sure they find the menu straight away and don't make this too confusing either.

Your content should appeal to your target group and be tailored to them. Address everything your target group needs to know - no more, no less.


Consider in advance what kind of appearance, i.e. theme, your website should have. How should your company be presented on your website? What content do you want to show your visitors? Which media will you include on your site? Etc.


The top of your home page should directly show the services or products your company offers. This is the first thing users see when they arrive on your site. In the footer of your pages, you should always include a privacy policy and the imprint - and ideally also your contact details.

For this particular structure, WordPress provides you with templates to make the development of your website easier.


When planning your site, never forget search engine optimisation. SEO measures such as ideal loading times, optimised content and user-friendliness are prerequisites for Google to rank your company website highly. WordPress offers numerous SEO plug-ins for this purpose.

What is our conclusion on designing a WordPress website?

Creating a website with WordPress is ...

... free of charge

... very easy to handle

... expandable with theme templates and plug-ins

... also suitable for beginners

... usable without additional software

With WordPress you can ...

... create any type of website

... manage your content and the entire content

... administer your SEO

... edit media and integrate them into your web design

... extend your page with the help of plug-ins 

... and much more!

WordPress is a great CMS that makes it easy for you to build websites and create web design with the help of theme templates, numerous plug-ins and SEO help.

Do you need help with WordPress or would you like advice on web design or SEO? Then contact us via our website and arrange a free initial consultation.

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